We were contacted on 26 June 2023 to help with Billy, a Boston Terrier who had escaped the house where he was being looked after by friends while the owner was away. This is very common, for a dog to look to escape when being in someone else’s house, being looked after while owners are elsewhere. They try to escape so they can look for their owners and get back to them.

The house where Billy was being looked after was just over 1 mile away from his home address. We were told that there was a large search party taking place looking for Billy. We immediately told them that the searching must stop as it would put Billy in great danger from the roads, especially the East Lancs road that he was lost near to.

We advised that Billy would either come back to the house where he was being looked after (he had been there several times before so he could definitely try going back) or he would head for home. We advised that the house doors must be kept open but this was not possible with the home address as they were away on holiday. We advised for a neighbour to be contacted to look out for Billy returning.

Billy made his way back to his home address early in the morning the following day (27 June). The neighbour saw him and managed to get hold of Billy. Billy has now gone to a relations house to be looked after for the rest of the time the owners are away. Stay safe Billy.