💙 Welcome home Blue 💙
Blue, a male Pocket Bully, went missing on Sunday 10 December from home in Cheetham Hill, Manchester. He ran and people tried catching him so he ran even more. There were lots of sightings but then the sightings stopped. His last sighting was when his owner was near to Blue but because Blue was not in a calm state of mind he did not respond to his owner and ran again when a driver of a car revved his engine.
We were contacted to help and we advised that no one should approach him or search and that he needed to be allowed to settle. Advice was given for owner to keep the house door open as dogs will try to come home and most often they do unless they are stopped from doing so by people trying to catch them.
We printed posters and lent owner laminators and laminate pouches. Posters were put up the following day all around the area. All advice was given and we hoped that Blue would return home that night.
The following day Blue was not home so postering continued. There were no more sightings. Blue had gone to ground.
Today, Friday 15 December, early afternoon, someone saw Blue and owner went straight there. Sadly someone chased him before the owner could get there (the man was seen and stopped from chasing him) and Blue disappeared.
Tonight, as arrangements were being made to start the trapping process, hoping that Blue was still in the area, Blue saw his owner and went to him. He was in a calm state of mind after being left alone for several hours and was able to recognise him.
Blue had spent the last 5 days hiding but, as predicted, his hunger had got the better of him and he was seen. He would have been home early this afternoon if the man hadn’t chased him. It’s never a good idea to chase a lost dog. Not only can it make the dog leave the area but it can get the dog killed on the roads. A running dog will never be caught as they run a lot faster than people can. Thankfully Blue was able to calm down and settle again and is now home.