Candy is a rescue dog from a puppy farm where she has spent her first 6 years of her life in a crate in an outdoor building producing litter after litter of pups.
Many Tears Animal Rescue rescued her and Candy was then adopted by her owners on 5 November 2021. She managed to escape the garden in Heywood, on Wednesday 17 November because somebody who delivered a flier left the gate unlatched. She ran across the main road and into an industrial unit where people tried to catch her. This made her more frightened and she ran again and out of sight. We immediately used the thermal scope to try to find her and continued with this everyday.
Posters were printed and laminated then put up in the area. Live cameras and food was placed in different locations with scent trails to help her find the food. Unfortunately, unknown to us, she had left the immediate area which we were to find out when the first confirmed sighting came in yesterday (Sunday).
This was near where Chamber House used to be off Rochdale Road East. She had made her way from Green lane through to Chadwick Lane and down the bridlepath. There had been no confirmed sightings up till then so it seems that she had made her way there soon after escaping. A live camera, food and scent trails were immediately placed but then another sighting came in where she was on Rochdale Rd East. She was guided away from the main road by the driver who saw her and into Heywood cemetery. Again, a live camera was placed with food and scent trails. We thermal scoped the cemetery but she was not to be seen.
On Monday (22.11.2021) sightings started to come in, one after the other. She was seen again on the main road, heading towards Rochdale. At one point she was actually running in the middle of the road by Tesco. A very kind lady slowed her vehicle right down and helped to keep her safe. She was lost sight of going back towards Heywood. But then she was seen heading again to Rochdale. She couldn’t settle with being pursued.
She continued to run (which is why we try to stop people from chasing) but luckily she ran into a small garden where a quick thinking gentleman shut the gate! She was secure! Candy’s owners then went to retrieve her. She is now safe at home and well and has been sleeping off her adventures.
 Thank you to those who tried to keep her safe while she was on the road and thank you to the gentleman who closed the gate. And thank you to the people of Heywood for reporting sightings which are the key to tracking lost dogs and placing feed stations.
Please, if you are ever looking for a puppy, ask to see both mother and father of the pup, in a home environment. These puppy farms are horrendous and the dogs live a life locked in a cage, never seeing daylight and never experiencing a happy family life. They are simply used as breeding machines. The puppy farms continue because people buy these pups, not knowing where the pup has come from. Or adopt a rescue dog. There are many rescues who are overflowing with rescued dogs who are awaiting a loving home.