Iggy, a male greyhound, became lost on Saturday 5 August when something scared him while visiting Manchester City with owners. He bolted. Owners live in Levenshulme so it was quite far to assume he would be able to make his way home. However, his owners left the house door open every night hoping he would make it home.
Sightings were minimal and mostly around Openshaw. We were in contact with owners giving advice but we were very busy with other dogs and yesterday we were able to help more. A sighting yesterday was reported and he had been seen in Newton Heath. We advised that owners heavily postered that area especially around Clayton Vale which was ideal for a lost dog with the open space and natural water source.
Today another sighting came in from the same area and owners headed there straight away. They put up more posters and owner saw Iggy in the cemetery and Iggy ran. Lost dogs do not know that the person they see is their owner, not until they are close to them to pick up their scent fully.
We advised owners to run the car engine as dogs know the sound of their owners engines. We planned to head there this afternoon to place feed stations. Later, as owners headed home to laminate more posters, they received a phone call. Someone had just seen the poster when they saw Iggy. They immediately phoned owner and owners came straight back. Iggy was still where he had been seen as owner had asked the person who saw him not to approach him. He saw his owner, gave a short wag of his tail and went straight to him 💙. Welcome home Iggy 💙. 
Owners of lost dogs that we have worked with will know how much we push posters and how heavily we poster areas where the dogs are lost. Posters are the key to getting a lost dog home. And if the lost dog moves area then we put more posters up in that area. Posters always bring sightings in. Without that poster being where it was when the person saw Iggy then Iggy would still be put there. Facebook posts are good to get the word out about the lost dog but mainly it’s only dog lovers who see these posts because they are in pets lost and found groups. This is why we post on sell and buy groups (if allowed) and general community groups in the area. Sadly a few of these groups don’t allow these posts and really they should consider doing so as the whole point of these local community groups is to help the community. This also includes making them aware that a large greyhound is loose and likely to run out in front of their vehicle! Luckily Iggy stayed safe while out there and is now home sleeping off his adventures.