💙Welcome home Buster💙
Buster, an 8 month old Lhasapoo, jumped out of the car in Rochdale OL16 on Friday 26th April. He ran across the Rochdale bypass and then disappeared.
Owner contacted us a few hours later so we started with all the advice as we always do and explained that searching needed to stop, remove his name off posts as people will shout it and it will have a negative effect on him and make him more scared, remove the actual location as people would search which was all dangerous for Buster, especially as he was very close to the motorway.
There were no more sightings until today. Buster was seen a few times still in the same area. People had seen our poster which stated not to search or approach and he was not approached. Owners got there as soon as they could but he had gone by then.
We printed and laminated over 100 posters (several now in the bin) to start off with and headed to the area to set up feed stations and a trap (we had got permission from a farm near there were he had been seen). As I arrived at owners car she came to my car saying that someone had just found Buster hiding behind a bin. They managed to get hold of him (he had nowhere to go) and he’s now safely home 💙.
Like Rosie yesterday, Buster was allowed to settle once owners followed our advice and called off searches. He stayed in the area and didn’t have to run onto the very busy roads and motorway because he wasn’t threatened by well meaning people trying to catch him. Sadly that does happen a lot and dogs get killed. We always try to get this message across at every opportunity because people need to know that if they see a lost dog they need to leave the dog alone and contact either owner or a trapping team on social media/website. Thankfully Buster stayed safe and is now home safe.
Thank you once again for all of your shares and to those people who phoned in with the sightings. Thank you to Buster’s family for following our advice and trusting us to keep Buster safe while he was out there.