💞 Welcome home Rosie💞
Rosie, a one year old Cavapoo, escaped from her harness when she became scared of a dog passing her. This was on the 24 April at 6pm in Little Hulton, M38. She ran then disappeared and there were no sightings that day.
We advised owner to keep their house door open including during the night as many lost dogs make their own way home. She had last been seen just over a mile away so there was a chance she would try for home.
Her owner asked us to assist when she didn’t come home the following day. We received a sighting later on in the day where she had been seen a bit further away from where lost. This was at 8am.
We advised against searching especially as she had been seen less than half a mile from the motorway. There were no more sightings that day.
Early this morning, she was seen again but she ran. We advised owner to go to the sighting and sit in the car with the engine running (dogs know the sound of their owners engines). She didn’t appear so posters were put up in that area. We were waiting for more sightings so we could place feed stations and then, if needed, a humane trap.
This evening some children were playing with a ball and the ball went under a bush on a cricket ground. They went to retrieve the ball and saw Rosie hiding under it. Rosie is now home and sleeping off her adventures ❤️.
Thank you for your shares of her post and helping to raise awareness. And thank you to the people who reported her sightings to us. Thank you to Rosie’s family who followed our advice and allowed Rosie to settle without searching. She stayed in the area because of this and most of all, she stayed safe. It was a busy area with the motorway and railway close by. Any searching would have endangered Rosie and sometimes it’s difficult to make people understand the dangers that searching causes. Rosie’s owners did everything right for their girl and she’s now home safe and sound.