💞 Welcome home Bella 💞
On Friday 2 June, Bella had been staying at a relatives while her owner was in hospital having an operation, when she managed to escape the garden in Failsworth M35. Her owner’s family contacted us yesterday for help. Bella had not been seen since she had escaped and we tried to reassure the family that this was usual for a dog to go to ground for a while.
Advice of what to do and not to do was given including all services which needed contacting. Feed stations and remote cameras were put up yesterday in the hope that she would go back to where she had been staying or back home as it was less than one mile away.
This afternoon, Bella was seen by a lady in a garden and this lady contacted her owner. A family member managed to get there quickly and Bella was safely caught ❤️. Bella’s owner and family are so relieved she’s back home and no more so than Bella! ❤️ Stay safe now Bella ❤️.