Mark, a Bichon cross, ran out of the house door on Saturday 24 June, in Nelson BB9. His owner is the cousin of the owner of Roxy, who was missing for one month earlier this year, and who we worked with eventually reuniting her with her family. Mark is the sibling of Roxy so it seems that going on adventures must be in the blood!
We were contacted immediately as we already have a chat going in messenger with the family for Roxy (we also helped with Roxy when she was diagnosed with a diaphragmatic hernia a few weeks after her adventures). We advised not to search and to open the house door. Mark was very likely to make his way home that night as long as he hadn’t been picked up. We went through all of the advice including who to contact. Luckily none of this was new with the family because of Roxy so they knew what they were doing.
Mark didn’t show up at the house last night so posters were printed. We bought a laminator and laminate pouches online from our funds and Mark’s owner went to pick them up at the local store (we usually lend out laminators and give laminate pouches to lost dog owners but we couldn’t get there until later in the day and the posters needed to go up immediately).
At the same time that the laminator and pouches were collected (Sod’s Law), Mark’s owner was contacted with the news that Mark was running around on a nearby street. Mark went there straight away and managed to get Mark safe ❤️. Welcome home Mark ❤️.