Despite several obstacles, including road closures, thunder storms, a minority of unhelpful locals, people chasing him, and restricted access to land, Chase was safely trapped on the 15 May 2021.
On Saturday 8th May, in the afternoon, Chase, a 6 month old lurcher was on his way to a new home when he backed up out of his harness at Birch motorway services, Heywood OL10. At first he ran onto the motorway and there were reports that he got hit by a car, then he turned back and bolted across the fields.
He was seen by myself later that evening (he seemed fine) where I sat down with food and tried to entice him to me but he wouldn’t come near. We went back later on with the trap but then denied access by the farmer.
The following day (Sunday) we set a trap and live cameras in a lovely family’s garden. This was 3 fields away from where Chase had been seen as the local farmer would not give us permission to access his land so we could not get the trap nearer.
On Tuesday, Chase had made his way very near to the trap when he was chased by a man and a woman 😔. This was right at the side of the motorway but luckily he ran away from it.
After several scent trails to the trap and a bbq, we accepted that it was unlikely that he would come this way again after being scared away by the two people.
After getting permission from the very helpful manager at Birch Industrial Park, another plan was put in place to put a second trap on their land which was directly at the side of the farmers field which we weren’t allowed to access.
So on Saturday 15 May we set the trap and minutes after we walked away from it, Chase decided that the smell of the food was too much and he entered the trap. He was absolutely fine besides a few cuts from brambles (same as us 😬) and has had a good nights sleep away from the rain and that treacherous motorway.
We would like to especially thank Deni for allowing us to use her garden, Marcus for helping us carry the trap and opening the gate every night for us to drive through, and the manager and security guards at Birch Industrial Park for allowing us access at all times of the day. Also we would like to thank anybody that saw Chase but left him alone. This was instrumental in allowing him to stay safe.