Chocco, a toy poodle, 6 month old puppy was lost on 20 July 2020 on Gatley golf course. Last night I went to visit her owners and we searched using the thermal scope including getting in among all the brambles and looking in holes as we feared she was stuck with her harness. A few hours later with the thermal scope I picked up an animal that looked like a small dog through the railway railings so food was left and a camera. I wasn’t completely sure that it was Chocco because the image was distorted because of the railings but this animal’s behaviour was showing that he or she was very interested in us as he/she kept going towards us then back again. This morning the owner received a phone call. Someone had picked Chocco up on Monday night and took her home. They did not declare her and intended to keep her. A family member, after seeing the post, persuaded the finder to give her back. Chocco belongs to a young child who has been beside herself with grieve. Please spread the word that it is not ok to keep a found dog. The owners were beside themselves and have not stopped looking for Chocco since she went missing. We spent 5 hours searching with the scope last night when it could have been used on another lost dog. Welcome home Chocco!