Sky is a rescue dog from Cyprus who was a street dog for two years before being rescued. After being here a few weeks in his new home he escaped from his house in Penwortham, Preston on Wednesday 12 August 2020. He travelled a few miles eventually ending up in Walton-le-Dale where we were able to track his movements. He fed at the feed station set up on camera and a trap was set yesterday. However, unknown to us as there had been no sightings since the previous night, Sky had made his way home and was seen late last night. His owner sat down outside and Sky came to him whereby his owner managed to get hold of him and quickly get him inside the house. Thankfully Sky is well except that he’s lost some weight and is exhausted. After setting the trap yesterday, we found out that Sky was originally caught by being trapped in Cyprus which meant that it was unlikely that he would go in a trap again. It was the best outcome that we could hope for with Sky being clever enough to head home!