💞Welcome home Dory💞
Dory, a rescue Shih Tzu, went missing on the 22 May late at night on a walk in Newhey OL16. Her owner contacted us straight away in the morning and immediate advice was given. That advice included not to search and ask people not to approach or call her. Dory needed to stay safe while she was out there and any searching etc would put her in danger. Her owner had her house door open as many lost dogs make their own way home.
Her owner went back to the park and we advised her to not approach her if seen but to sit down and allow Dory to pick up her owners scent. There were quite a lot of people about and Dory didn’t show herself but, as soon as it went quiet, Dory came out of some bushes and ran straight to her owner! ❤️
Her owner was obviously so relieved as well as Dory and this is what her owner said to us: “Early intervention and advice is key. From first contact with Michelle to finding her was 4 hours. When you are distraught and in panic mode you don’t think of all the things that needs to be done. Who to contact, wording posts for social media, etc. It was a bit manic the first couple of hours, but this is a good example that it works.”
We always try to help owners to understand that when a dog becomes lost, they need to be allowed to settle and calm down. Searching and people shouting their name, approaching them and trying to catch them puts them in great danger because a lost dog will run blindly in panic mode in order to get away. Thankfully Dory’s owner had a very good understanding of this and listened to our advice. She was able to safely capture her own dog without involving lots of people (which is usually what happens as people are well meaning and want to help, but don’t understand that this doesn’t help and jeopardises the dog’s safety).
Dory is absolutely fine and very happy to be home ❤️