💞Welcome home Bean💞
On Tuesday 23 May, Bean, a Shibu Inu, ran when her lead broke. This was in the centre of Manchester City. Sadly a man in a car chased her to Collyhurst where she then disappeared. The man couldn’t tell us where he had chased her until two days later on Thursday as he needed to drive the route to know where it was.
Her owner contacted us that day and immediate advice was given. Because she lives in apartments leaving the door open was a no go. We set up the trap with remote cameras in the park near to where she lives and where she is walked. The area was heavily postered and we thermal scoped as much of the area as possible every day.
Yesterday, as we were in the area, a young boy told Bean’s owner that he had seen her at 9am. He showed us where and we thermal scoped the immediate area placed more feed stations nearby. This was the only sighting we had.
This morning, Bean was at the apartment door waiting to be let in! A lady opened the door and she ran straight inside! ❤️.
It’s not unusual for a dog not to be seen for about a week as they often go to ground, especially when they’ve had a frightening experience by someone chasing them, and in a car. This is what Bean must have done because there had only been one sighting yesterday morning and it was a busy area.
It had been a big worry because of the hot weather and not raining for quite a while. The nearest water source was the river but no water sources near to where she had been last seen. Water was also placed with the feed stations which the foxes enjoyed (please put a bowl of water out for the wildlife while it’s been so dry).
Bean has had a good drink and some food and is now fast asleep in her usual sleeping place. So happy you’re safely home Bean. You really did worry us especially being lost in such a busy City. Plenty of rest now and cuddles. Welcome home sweet girl.