Elvis, a Jack Russell cross poodle, escaped through a hole in the gate at an outdoor doggie daycare centre in Chipping, Preston on Thursday 30 June 2022.
We offered our assistance to his owners on Saturday 2 July and I travelled there on Sunday to place remote cameras and feed stations in the area. There was a sighting that day and a while later another sighting 2 miles away. Elvis had been chased and had left the area. He was then chased in the new area and we lost him again.
Cameras and feed stations were moved to the new area. The following day there was another sighting by a man who had chased him. His words on the message were “I chased him down the hill a long way to try to tire him out and make him easier to catch”! Obviously Elvis had disappeared again so we had to start afresh, again.
Luckily there was another sighting the day after, Tuesday, where we were told he wasn’t chased. The owners of the farm allowed us to place live cameras and food. We put more remote cameras and feed stations dotted around the area and waited. No sign. No sightings. Lost dogs will do what they can possibly do to get away when being approached, especially by a stranger. Elvis had learned fast. He did not allow himself to be seen again. Until today, Friday 8 July.
Elvis’ owner was contacted this afternoon by a lady. She found him fast asleep in her garden and he had given up. He allowed her to pick him up. His owners got there straight away and to say they are happy and relieved to see him is an understatement! He was only 0.2 miles away from the M6!
He’s booked in shortly to see the vet but besides being shattered he seems okay. From escaping the doggie daycare centre to where he was found this tiny boy, who is the same size as a cat, travelled over 5 miles from where he was lost. And that’s not including the many miles he would have covered in between. Welcome home beautiful boy 💙
We would like to say thank you to the lady who contacted the owners when she found Elvis, to the farmers who allowed us to place cameras and food and to anyone who shared the post.