On Saturday 16 July, Luna, a nervous Romanian rescue dog, managed to slip her collar in Fleetwood, FY7. After numerous sightings of her on the golf course and Princes Way, we offered help on Monday 18 July.
I travelled to Fleetwood on Tuesday evening and set the trap. Just over two hours later, Luna appeared at the trap on our remote cameras and after 11 minutes of circling the trap, she decided she wanted the food come what may and entered the trap. At 11.56pm, Luna was trapped and safe.
Luna has had to endure the stifling heat of the past couple of days and her paws are very sore. Besides that she’s just exhausted and needs time to mend.
Thank you to Fleetwood Golf Course for giving us permission to trap Luna on there. And thank you to all those who didn’t approach or chase Luna but contacted owner with sightings. This is what kept her safe.