We were made aware of Gianni, a rescue Korean Jindo, rescued from the meat trade in South Korea, on the 17th October 2021 by her potential new owners after Gianni had been spooked by runners at Chadwick Dam in Ashton-under-Lyne. It became evident very quickly that Gigi would need help to return home.
We learned her movements thanks to the people following her story on social media. Quite often she’d sit in the middle of a  field and watch other dog walkers going about their business. Gianni knew that by just sitting down and watching at distance that she always had escape routes in every direction. The sightings gave us good knowledge of her movements, allowing us to place feeding stations and live feed cameras which she started to use almost immediately, a plan was put in place and a trap was deployed (but because of her spending her life in a metal cage in the dog meat trade in South Korea, she was very scared of going inside the trap even though we had very tempting food in their for her.
Over the next few days I had begun to gain her trust and could get quite near to her but just not near enough! Sadly though, Gianni had been moved on by something or someone that she wasn’t happy with.
She then spent the next two weeks moving from area to area, avoiding people and trying to escape the noise of fireworks.
On Saturday the 23rd of October we learned that she had been hit by a car and we feared the worst, until then she had managed to keep herself safe.
Gianni had been spotted running through the Chad’s woods covered in blood, and she went to ground leaving everyone involved fearing the worst. We thermal scoped the area for most of the day but to no success until I came across her in her original safe area where I picked her up on the thermal scope, curled up in a ball and lying down in some bushes.
Various other attempts were made to bring her home over the next few days, until finally, on the 7 November, she eventually gave herself up after she was spotted and became trapped… thanks to a phone call from a member of the public. We now knew this was the chance that was needed to bring her in!
I headed there immediately and made the 25 minute journey down the motorway, her owner was already there, along with a member of public  who had spotted her trapped in bushes after her children had asked her to turn the car round and help getting her car stuck in the process.
After a few hours, I finally managed to coax her enough so I could get two slip leads on her and finally into my car .Gianni was safe ❤❤❤ .