Maggie, a Spanish rescue dog, was lost on 9.8.21 when she managed to get free and bolted from New Line Picnic Site, Bacup. We are absolutely delighted to say that she has been found and reunited with her family after 15 days on the run.
Every day, for 15 days, the team were out there setting cameras and feed stations, postering, thermal scoping all areas, speaking to people, barbecuing, investigating sightings (sightings were very rare as Maggie is extremely nervous of people so she made sure she was hardly seen), moving cameras and feed stations to different areas due to sightings and walking and driving different routes that we thought Maggie was using to get about.
Maggie’s sightings were very few and far between where she was seen at Sowclough Farm, Stacksteads, then Jeffrey’s Farm in Bacup, back at New Line again, then at Brittania and then Todmorden twice. We were desperate to get the information out there for people to ignore Maggie if they saw her as she would leave the area if she was approached or spoken to, which she did. Then she would hide for up to 4 days at a time.
Today, Maggie was so exhausted and malnourished, and she gave herself up. We received a sighting of her and I headed straight out. Maggie was lay inside a bus shelter along a main road In Todmorden. She allowed me to win her trust with me getting close to the ground and her with food to come towards me so I could get a lead on her. I had to carry her to the car as she was too weak to walk. I took her straight home and her owners were ecstatic to see her finally safe.
Maggie had been to the vet and besides losing a lot of weight, and being exhausted, she had no injuries and just needed plenty of sleep and food to recover her ordeal.
We would like to thank Maggie’s owners, who did exactly what we advised and trusted us to bring their girl home. Also to Beth Harmer and Tracey Cooper Harmer for postering, Debi Fellone from Made in Bury for the posters, Sandra at Sowclough Farm on Sowclough Rd, Stacksteads, for allowing us access to all areas on the farm, Tracy and Brent from Jeffery’s Farm in Bacup for also allowing us access, Chris and Sarah at Henbury Hill Farm for access, those who phoned to report sightings, and all who shared Maggie’s posts to raise awareness of her being missing. Thank you to the team for all of your support with barbecuing, bringing tinned sardines (we emptied all the shelves in the supermarkets around Bacup of tinned sardines in oil), thermal scoping areas and postering. Welcome home beautiful Maggie and stay safe.