Jetson, a miniature poodle, escaped on the 18 August, from where he was staying in Bury BL8, while owners went away.
Jetson tried going back to where he was staying with relatives, but well meaning people saw him, and doing what is natural, tried to catch him. Sadly, this stopped Jetson from getting back and he ran in order to get away. It’s always best to not approach a lost dog and to wait and see if they will approach you. That’s because people are strangers to a dog that’s already frightened being out there. A dog will run in order to get away from these strangers trying to catch them. This creates problems as it stops the dog from going back to where they escaped and then disorients them making them truly lost, not knowing where they are.
Jetson owners house was only a 10 minute walk away from where he was staying so we asked the owners daughter, who we were advising, to go to the house and open the door. Jetson had been seen close by, on a field that his owner takes him to.
We believe that Jetson had already gone back to the house where he lives but went away again when he couldn’t get in. The door was left open all night but Jetson didn’t appear.
Today, Jetson’s owners came straight back home, even though they had only just arrived, and got to work straight away with following the advice we gave them and printing posters, laminating them and putting them up. We printed posters too and were ready to laminate them when owner received a call that Jetson was seen on Whitehead Park, 0.6 miles away from home.
We advised owner to go and if he was still there, to sit down and not call him but just to wait. We knew that Jetson would pick up her scent and he would eventually go to her. If she would have approached him, Jetson would just think that it was another stranger and run.
As owner got to the park, there was no sign of him but they learned that he had been found in someone’s garden, 0.7 miles away from the park and 1.2 miles from home. Owner went straight there and they were happily reunited. Welcome home Jetson 💙.
It is very important that if you see a loose dog, not to approach them as this will just make them run away. Dogs will try coming home or going back to where they ran from and if anyone tries to catch them they will run with fear. This can make them disoriented and they then become truly lost. This is what happened to Jetson and he ended up going in the wrong direction. Luckily he gave himself up in someone’s garden before going much further 💙.