We are so very happy and relieved to say that Kaos has been found and is okay besides being exhausted πŸ’™.
Kaos went missing yesterday evening on the 20 August where he disappeared on a walk in Seedfield, Bury BL9. He is 14 years old, partially blind, deaf, arthritic and has dementia. Everybody feared the worst but yet again these dogs amaze us with their sheer willpower to stay safe.
We thermal scoped all of the area, including the woods which lead down to the steam train track. There was lots of balsam and it was very hard going. This was a worry because if Kaos had been lay deep within the Balsam the thermal scope would not pick him up. We printed and laminated posters and set to work after thermal scoping the area putting posters up around the area.
Normally we advise people not to search for lost dogs but with Kaos searching needed to be done because of his age and with him having dementia. Tonight, Kaos was found by a relative of owner on the steam railway tracks, near Burrs Country Park, hiding in some bushes at the side. How he made it down there we don’t know because I can tell you it is very hard going with all the brambles, nettles, balsam and the steepness. What an absolute soldier he is 😍. We are so relieved and happy for Kaos and his family. He is now resting and is very happy to be home after his adventure. Welcome home beautiful boy β€οΈπŸ’™. Stay safe now fella πŸ’™.