Keke, a French Bulldog, was lost on 20 July 2020. Her owners told us she wasn’t microchipped but it turned out she was chipped after all and that she was stolen 8 months ago (not by her current owners)! The person who found her at Quarry Bank took her to a vets to have her scanned, where she was reunited with her original owners who she’d been stolen from 8 months ago! The current owners got Keke from someone a couple of weeks before she went missing. So it looks like when Keke was stolen 8 months ago, she was sold on and then rehomed. This is a fantastic outcome for Keke and her original family but sad for the family who adopted her recently. They are very happy for Keke and her owners and so relieved that she is okay. The power of the microchip and posters (which is how we tracked down where Keke was because somebody saw somebody take Keke after she had lost her family at Quarry Bank and this person left their phone number with her and this lady saw a poster up outside and phoned the number on the poster)! Never lose hope 💞.