Kipper became lost on the 22 June 2022. After being on the run for almost 4 days Kipper had finally had enough of being chased and has given himself up, after going to ground after being chased on Friday the 24th by well-meaning people Kipper went to ground and there was no sightings at all on Saturday the 25th. We assisted by thermal scoping the area, placing feed stations and remote cameras and postering.
At 13.54 pm a call came through that Kipper had been seen in a field, owner went straight there but he had run again due to the noise of a motorbike.
Luckily her owners spotted Kipper again and they laid in the field with treats (we had instructed owners of what they needed to do if they should see him) and Kipper, with a little encouragement, went straight to them.
From there Kipper was taken straight to a vets to be checked over. He had a slight limp but that is now gone and apart from that everything seems good, he’s now home and safe with his family .