On Christmas Day, 25 December 2022, Angel, a Romanian rescue went missing from her new home in the Oldham Rd area of Ancoats, Manchester M4. We were contacted straight away by the owners and asked to help. We went through all the advice that we give for lost dogs and specific advice related to Angel’s predicament. Her owners kept seeing Angel as luckily she hadn’t been chased and she had stayed in the immediate area. We advised them to sit with food and wait until they saw her again. The plan would be that she would be enticed by the food and because they were sitting close to the ground, she would not feel threatened and would go to them. In the meantime we were making our plans to head out there with a humane trap to get her safe as quickly as possible (this was the centre of Manchester city and would have been very bust the following day).
Her original fosterers were enroute and on their way to see if Angel would come to them. When they arrived (Angel hadn’t been seen again for several hours) Angel showed herself and went straight to them. Welcome home Angel. Stay safe beautiful girl.