Lenny, a Patterdale terrier, went missing 6 days ago, on Sunday 18.9.22, after he chased a deer in the woods. We put remote cameras out and thermal scoped the whole area. He had a collar on with an ID tag. Posters were put up and posts in all local and National groups but there was no news and no sightings.
Lenny is a family dog who they’ve had since being a puppy. He is very friendly with people and a very confident dog. We feared he had been stolen.
Today, 6 days after him going missing, Lenny appeared on camera sniffing around and eating the food. His owner also got a phone call to say that Lenny was on the path in the woods. His owner ran there (just across the road) and Lenny was reunited 💙 He is absolutely fine and very happy to be home.
Lenny certainly wasn’t out there for the time he was lost. We did fear he was stuck in a hole in the woods but he is not dirty enough, not lost a lot of weight, not exhausted as he would be if he’d been stuck in a hole for 6 days and not dehydrated.
After setting up a Facebook group today to raise awareness of Lenny being missing, and posting a photo of Lenny’s best friend, a young child who was looking for Lenny, we believe that whoever had him let him free back in the woods. We think the post triggered their conscience. Thankfully Lenny is now safe and back home with his loving family 💙.