Boris managed to escape the house around 7pm on the 2 January 2023. We were contacted yesterday, 3 January for help. We gave advice and encouraged owner to phone numbers to alert (Network Rail, Highways Agency etc) and I went there today and lent his owner some laminators, gave her laminating pouches and posters and owner and her family put posters up today. I thermal scoped the immediate area but there had been no sightings of him.
Tonight, at less than an hour ago they got that wonderful phone call of a sighting! A lady had just read the poster then immediately saw Boris! She phoned owner straight away and she got there and managed to get hold of Boris. This is from Boris’ owner:
“So a lady rang jenny said I’ve just seen him on the main road and he’s darted into an avenue. I dived in my car, got there and she said he’s under the van, I got on the floor and called him, he whimpered. I kept calling him and he came out licking my hand. I still don’t think he knew it was me at that point. I got him, hugged him and then he realised and was going mad…. I cant believe I’ve got him.”
This shows how, when a dog becomes missing, the dog needs to be allowed to calm down and settle instead of going headlong into the area and searching. Boris managed to stay safe (it was a busy area with motorway and railway very near). It also shows how posters work and that they are the most important resource to use for a missing dog. If that poster hadn’t been there, the lady may still have contacted his owner if she saw a post on Facebook, but by then Boris would have most likely not been there by the time his owner got there. Welcome home beautiful boy 💙.