❤️Welcome home Lola❤️

Lola, a French Bulldog, got out of a house in Derker, Oldham, on Saturday 29 April 2023 where she had been left for a short while as the brother of her owner looking after her (owner was on holiday) went out. Lola had never been there before and didn’t know the area.

We were contacted on the 3 May to help capture Lola. She had been chased several times over the past 5 days and been on the platform of the tram station, including the lines, a few times.

We went there this afternoon to look at the area with a view to putting remote cameras and a humane trap near the tram station. However, once there it became evident that there was nowhere to place the trap except on Metrolink’s land. Sadly, at first, we were declined permission by Metrolink.

But thankfully, later on, after another phone call, they granted us permission. It turned out though that a trap wasn’t needed, when Lola, after being seen nearby, happily gave herself up to her owner’s brother ❤️. She is tired and hungry after being on the run for 5 days but otherwise she is absolutely fine. She is also very lucky as the area she was in was a very busy area and not only had she been on the tram lines at the tram station but also she had crossed very busy main roads. She had been chased and chased by many people and is so lucky that she didn’t come to any harm. Please help to spread the word that when a loose dog is seen, under no circumstances must they be chased. A dog can easily outrun any person and what that person is doing is putting the dog in great danger. When lost, a dog looks upon people as predators. And a dog will run blindly in order to get away. They are good at keeping themselves safe out there when lost. But when being chased, they forget about staying safe and will do anything in order to get away. They will run out in front of traffic, or onto a motorway or railway. They will do ANYTHING as long as they can get away. Too many dogs have lost their lives because of this. Luckily Lola managed to stay safe but it could so easily have been a sad ending. Stay safe Lola and welcome home. ❤️