💞 Welcome home Daisy 💞
Daisy, a nervous rescue Cavachon, managed to get out of her harness while on a walk in Reddish Vale Country Park, Stockport, on 3 May 2023. She ran back to the car where she was seen by the owner but then ran down another path. The next sighting was across the river in a lady’s garden where she was startled and ran onto the golf course. The lady said she was soaking wet and had come out of the river. (We do believe that she had been chased by a passerby to the river at the park and she proceeded to swim across. It’s unlikely that, especially with her being so nervous, that she would just jump in.) There were then no more sightings.
We were contacted by her rescue, Many Tears, who we have worked with before, on 5 May. A chat group was set up with owners and family and all advice given. The next day we went there and met owner and family. We lent them laminators and gave them laminate pouches for the posters. They showed us where she had ran from and we put remote cameras and feed stations in the area. We went to speak to the lady at the farm where she had been seen and given permission to access the golf course from her land where we placed feed stations and remote cameras. Thank you so much to this lady.
The following morning, 7 May, she was seen a few times by golfers on the golf course. We went and put more feed stations and remote cameras nearby where she had been seen. It was just a matter of waiting for her to feed on camera than a humane trap would be placed. The feed stations were placed so that she would find them (there were so many she couldn’t not find them 🙈).
Later today, owners received a phone call to say she was lay down under some trees and not moving. Daisy’s family went there and, even though they had only had her for two weeks and that she was such a nervous rescue dog, she allowed them to approach her and pick her up. She must have had enough of her little adventure ❤️. She is now safe and happily home. Thank goodness that she stayed on the golf course as it was safe and gave her the time and space she so badly needed to calm down and settle.