Lulu, a Yorkshire terrier ran from her owner on Tuesday 11 October after getting scared by another dog in Tyldesley M29. A man saw her and proceeded to chase her across the main road, across the tram lines and into some woods. He lost sight of her and unfortunately this area was deeply covered by brambles, holes and very thick mud.
Lulu’s owner asked for help yesterday Wednesday 12 October after having had no more sightings. I went immediately and after placing feed stations and remote cameras I thermal scoped the area where she was last seen. The thermal scope picked up a heat source but because of the depth of the brambles it was very difficult to identify. Myself and Lulu’s family tried to hack the brambles away but it became obvious that it was going to entail a lot more work and tools. A plan was put into place to gather a group of people this morning to start to work through the brambles.
As Lulu’s dad got there this morning, Lulu was curled up right where the heat spot had been. Her dad forced his way through them and could see her lying underneath the brambles stuck. She is now happily back home and back with her family. Welcome home beautiful Lulu 😍.