💞 Welcome home Molly 💞
Molly, a nervous foreign rescue dog from Bulgaria, escaped on a walk when the person walking her fell. This was near Ochre Flash in Wigan yesterday on Monday 9th October.
We were contacted that evening and asked to help, so immediate advice was given including to open the house door (she was sighted 1 mile away) as it was likely she would make her way home, and for her owner to sit in her car with the engine running (dogs know the sound of their owner’s car engines) where she initially ran.
Molly’s owner already had a good understanding of how Molly would behave out there while lost and had already asked people on her social media post not to search or approach her. Because Molly was allowed to settle and calm down, she didn’t leave the area and was able to stay safe.
This morning, Molly was heard barking when another dog came across Molly hiding in the woods. Molly ran at the dog but then ran off. Luckily, Molly’s owner’s Mum was walking her dog who Molly knows very well and is bonded to. She saw Molly as she was near to where Molly ran out of the woods. She had a tube of liver paste which Molly loves and offered it to her. Molly came to her and owner’s mum was able to get hold of her lead (which she still had on). 💞Welcome home Molly 💞.