Ollie, a Spanish rescue dog, ran out of the front door when he was left at his owner’s sister’s house, on the 1st January 2019, from the Redvales area of Bury. He made his way to Bolton Rd in Bury and was seen a few times near Elton Reservoir. Feed stations and remote cameras were strategically placed and we postered the whole area around Bolton Rd and Elton Reservoir. We did barbecues hoping to entice him with the smell but to no avail. Sightings were few and far between but on the 10 January we started to get many phone calls with people seeing Ollie again on Bolton Rd, running on the road and weaving in and out of traffic. People tried catching him which just made the whole situation worse and Ollie became more panicked. A man saw Ollie run into the Barracks and disappear into an open garage. This man ran to the garage and shut the door! Finally Ollie was safe due to the quick thinking of this man! I had just got there and went into the garage to put Ollie on the lead but he was very frightened (understandably) and luckily I had sausages so I gained his trust with feeding him then managed to get the lead on him. Welcome home Ollie.