Romeo (named by us) was a stray saluki in Blackburn and seen running on the dual carriageways and roads. He was terrified of everyone and everything. This was in October 2017. Before setting up Greater Manchester Lost Dog Search & Rescue Capture Team C.I.C. I tracked and humanely trapped lost dogs on an independent basis after humanely trapping my own lurcher (who was a stray at the time), Juliet, in November 2016. It was only apt that this saluki should be named ‘Romeo’.

I managed to humanely trap Romeo in a Tesco car park in the early hours of 30 October. I had been cooking a variety of meats on a bbq enticing him to the area. It took a few hours from him showing himself until eventually not being able to resist any longer and entering the trap.

Romeo was not microchipped and no owner came forward. Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary took Romeo on where he was to remain for several months due to his nervousness of people. Thankfully, a wonderful family adopted him and I have been in touch with them ever since. Romeo has a fantastic life with his human and dog family and has never looked back.