Oscar got lost on Wednesday 12 January 2022 in Milnrow. He was seen to run and be chased whereby he crossed the river to a piece of land near the train/tram lines. This land wasn’t accessible to the public. We at Greater Manchester Lost Dog Search & Rescue Capture Team offered our assistance and thermal scoped the area. There was no sign of Oscar so remote cameras, scent trails and food was put down at the address where he had been staying in the hope he would make his way back. There was no sightings reported the first few days so we got to work with printing and laminating posters and these were placed in all areas, and thermal scoping likely areas. On Monday 17 January late at night we received a sighting in Denshaw where a dog of his description had been seen on a street on Friday 14 January. The following day we received another sighting 1 mile from there on the A672 in Denshaw. Oscar was seen running along the road on Saturday and cars stopped and people tried to catch him. We hoped he was still in the area but he could have either gone towards home in Milnrow or carry on towards Ripponden. The area was thermal scoped and scent trails, food and remote cameras where placed. Then again there were no sightings until Wednesday. He had been seen in Newhey eating food left out for foxes. A humane trap was set, tempting food, remote cameras and scent trails. However, there was no sign of him on the cameras and because he had had a good meal, we knew that he might not show himself for a day or two. Then the best thing happened and today someone saw him in a garden and shut the gate. Oscar was finally safe! Thank you to the community who helped by sharing posts, printing and laminating posters, collecting and delivering posters, putting up with our remote cameras and the wildlife the food attracted, and for listening to us when we asked for people not to search as we know that searching is really dangerous for a lost dog. Welcome home Oscar ❤️