Bobby, a Romanian rescue dog, managed to escape on Monday 24 January 2022 after arriving at his new adopters home. We at Greater Manchester Lost Dog Search & Rescue Capture Team offered our help to Bobby’s rescue and new adopters.
We immediately set remote cameras up and feed stations plus thermal scoped the area. He was sighted numerous times in Edgworth, every day, especially running along the main road. These were heart stopping moments but because he could not settle due to well-meaning people trying to catch him, he continued to use them.
We set the trap at a location, where he was seen to be at ease, for a few nights with scent trails but because he could not settle due to being approached, chased and searched for by well-meaning people, he did not return.
We had plenty of footage on the remote cameras of him running at speed, usually followed by people on foot or in cars. He had a couple of ‘safe places’, which he would run to when followed and manage to quickly disappear (seen on remote cameras). These places however were not ideal for the trap because he was never at ease when seen so certainly wouldn’t be confident enough to enter a trap, and wouldn’t stop to pick up the scent trails or feed stations.
On Friday 28 January, a feed station was set on a private property where he had been seen by the home owner. Bobby showed himself on the remote camera late at night feeding, and feeding at ease. He had a good meal and returned for more the following morning.
The trap was set there in the afternoon on Saturday 29 January. Bobby appeared on the remote cameras circling the trap and a few moments later he entered the trap and was safely trapped at 6.06pm.
Welcome home Bobby 💙.
We would like to say a massive thank you to the people of Edgworth who allowed us to place humane traps, remote cameras and food for Bobby. And a massive thank you to those that called in the sightings and those who gave Bobby the space he so desperately needed and not be searched for or chased. A great community spirit, thank you.