Quite a bit of our work that we do helping lost dogs isn’t posted about. The main reason for this is because, after following our advice, the dog safely makes their way back home that night.
We have people contact us directly who have lost their dog and haven’t got around to putting a post on social media (if the owner hasn’t done a post then we ask them not to do one until the following day because once a lost dog is posted, well-meaning people will search which is dangerous for the lost dog).
The first advice we give is to stop searching and to open the house door. Usually the dog has gone missing not too far from home and they will, and do, make their way home. Most of these dogs have safely returned home that same night. The following are two dogs that we helped this week:
Pep, a Shar Pei cross Bulldog, was staying at his owner’s parents house near Urmston when he ran out of the door on the 22 June (which was second day that Pep had been staying there). The owner’s Mum looking after him phoned us and after getting all the information, I asked if they had been searching which they had along with neighbours and friends. I told her that the searching had to stop and for her to ask everyone to not search or approach Pep. The worse thing to do for a lost dog is to search and approach them if seen, especially so by strangers. When lost, and out there alone, a dog is scared. They want to hide and to be left alone. All people, including those they know, are predators to them. They want to get back to where they ran from (Pep had been at the house several times before) and searching and approaching if seen can and does stop them from doing so.
I explained that Pep would be hiding somewhere and when it was quiet and dark, he would try coming back. The lady was concerned that Pep didn’t know the area so I tried to reassure her by telling her that it wasn’t an issue for Pep. He would use what he knows which is the route he ran when escaping the house. He knows the house. He would retrace his footsteps.
At 12.00am, Pep turned up at the house and walked straight back in.