Raya, a female, cross German Pointer Cypriot, nervous rescue dog, ran off when something scared her on Saturday 24 June on Woodland Trust Walker Fold car park in Horwich, BL6.
We became involved on Sunday 25 June and all advice was given. We thermal scoped the area and placed remote cameras at the front and back of the house where Raya lives. Owner had her door open 24/7 as it was very possible that Raya would make her way home. She was familiar with the route as owner had walked her on that route several times. Posters went up in the area but there had been no sightings. This wasn’t unusual, especially for a nervous rescue dog, as it can take a week or longer before they start venturing out from their safe place to look for food.
Today, while postering, Raya’s owner and her sister were walking through some woods nearby when Raya appeared and came to them straight away!
💞Welcome Home Raya 💞
It wasn’t far from home where Raya was found so it seemed after her being allowed to settle and gain her confidence, she had had enough and started to make her way home.