Found and Safe 😍💞 Welcome home Pippa ❤️ Pippa, a cocker spaniel, escaped on 15 August 2022 in Rochdale town centre. Having crossed many busy roads, and after a few sightings, she went to ground. I went straight away after being asked to help and put a feed station and remote camera where she escaped from and thermal scoped the area. The following morning she was sighted 1.8 miles away so I thermal scoped the area and was about to set another feed station and remote camera when I received a phone call saying she had been caught as she was crossing another busy road! I made my way there and met owner and Pippa and needless to say Pippa’s owner was overjoyed to have her back in his arms. Pippa, after her adventure is absolutely fine and is one very lucky girl 😍. Welcome home Pippa 💞.