Reynard, a Cypriot rescue dog, got to his foster home in Norden, Rochdale, after travelling from Cyprus and managed to escape on the 1 February 2018. His fosterer contacted me on the 2 February asking for help and I headed there straight away. I met with the fosterer and her family and advice was given. There had been no sightings until the following day.  Because Reynard was then seen but unapproachable, I went to retrieve the humane trap. I then received a phone call from the fosterer saying that they could see Reynard in a garden. I talked the fosterer’s daughter through what she needed to do which was to sit down with her back to Reynard and not to talk. Reynard came over to her and allowed her to put the lead on him. Welcome home Reynard.

His fosterer was obviously very relieved and said, “Today has been a bad day but if it’s shown me anything it’s what a fantastic community I live in…THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart every single one of you and especially Michelle Newns-Peers for your advice, friendship and support.”