💞Welcome home Rosie & Millie💞
On Friday the 23rd of February around 2.20pm Rosie & Millie were heartlessly taken from their garden in Levenshulme M19💔
Their owners quickly realised they were missing and a feeling of sheer terror instantly swept over the family.
Every loving dog owners worst fear💔💔
As family members desperately turned to social media for help we started to offer our advice, and make them aware of the steps they so urgently needed to take.
Once reported to the police as stolen, a crime reference number was obtained, and the girls were registered on the missing dog database, Greater Manchester Police Posted an appeal and posters began to circulate.
Local cctv was checked to no avail, and unfortunately there were no sightings nor much information to work from at all.
The family were left completely overwhelmed in utter despair, not knowing if they would ever see their beloved family members again.
Words of support flooded in from concerned people all over the area, as we all shared the families anguish, hoping and praying that Millie & Rosie were ok.
Almost 3 days passed, (along with several despicable scam callers whom found it fun to torment the owners further🤬) and then yesterday morning, 26/02/24 finally some amazing news came😍
A call came from a local veterinary practice………They had Rosie!!!
2 men had found her in an industrial unit very close to the house! They stopped off at a shop to buy her some food and then rushed her to the vets🥰
Her Microchip was scanned & thankfully her contact details had been kept upto date😍
Rosie was now safe at home but there was no sign of Millie🥺
The unit had been checked & immediate area explored, but where was Millie☹️?
Had the thief kept her? Had she bolted from the unit when the doors were opened? Nobody had the answers.
We got to work & began circulating Millies’ poster.
We advised the family to keep the house door open incase she was making her own way home! And not to go out searching for her as their scent trails could lead her into busy roads.
Hours passed & there were no sightings. We further examined the locations on our map & planned to check the industrial yard with our thermal scope but the gates had been locked up.
We started to suspect that Millie was still in the unit! We had a strong feeling & made the family aware of our suspicion.
During that conversation the phone rang🙊it was the man who found Rosie, something had activated the alarm system on his unit & he was heading round to check it out!
The owners went with him whilst we urgently advised on the phone to be careful and adopt specific body language as they entered as she would be absolutely terrified & could potentially bolt!
Before we had even finished our sentence our group call erupted in celebration as we heard the words “we’ve got her😳”.
She had hidden herself in the unit as best she could when Rosie was found, and being in survival mode she had chosen not to come out from hiding even when her family had looked for her. She was traumatised & didn’t recognise them but instead saw humans as a threat to her.
What an emotional moment that was🥹Both Millie and Rosie were safe!!!
Both dogs were clearly shaken up & exhausted, but no injuries were found & they are both extremely relieved to be home🐾🐾
We would like to once again thank this wonderful family for being such a pleasure to work with❤️you were extremely receptive to all of our advice and did absolutely everything we asked of you as soon as possible!
We can’t tell you how happy we are for you all🤗🐾🐾
❤️Welcome home Rosie & Millie❤️
Enquiries are ongoing.
Please let this be a reminder to check that your dogs Microchip details are upto date & your contact number is correct👏🏼