💙Welcome home Teddy💙
Teddy, a Yorkshire terrier cross shih tzu was believed to be stolen when he went missing (a patio door was smashed in an attempted robbery). This was on Wednesday 6th March in Bury BL9.
We assisted Teddy’s owners and advised on what needed to be done, including us setting up a remote camera at the house where Teddy was staying incase he made his way back (we had received a sighting) and thermal scoping the area yesterday, Thursday.
A sighting was reported yesterday that Teddy had been seen being hit by a car as he ran across a very busy main road. This was around the time that he went missing. He got up and ran. We had another sighting that someone followed him in their car going up the slip road to the M66. He then ran straight across both sides of the motorway to the other side and disappeared at the fence. He was extremely lucky. Highways agency reported that they attended and he was seen lying down in the embankment of the motorway but when they shone their lights on him he got up and ran, thankfully away from the motorway and onto a housing estate. We thermal scoped as much of the immediate area as possible last night but there was no sign of him.
This morning, alarmingly Teddy had gone back onto the m66 motorway and was seen on the embankment. He was trying to get back. Luckily someone managed to get hold of him and he’s now at home safe and sound thankfully 💙.