Sid, a Bedlington Terrier, got out of his house on the 4 September in Heywood OL10.
Later that day, a lady saw him in her garden just over half a mile away and owner headed there straight away. Owner saw him and started to beckon him to her. When dogs are lost, they don’t immediately recognise their owner and he ran away.
We were asked to help a couple of days later. There had been no sightings since the one sighting on the first day and no posters were up so we printed and laminated 100 posters for the owners. They started to put them up the day after but still no sightings.
Today, the 9 September, owners got a call from someone who could see Sid. This was at Castle Hawk Gold Club in Castleton, Rochdale. The owner asked the man not to approach Sid but to wait while Sid’s owner got there. Sid’s owner didn’t approach Sid, knowing he would run off if he did. Instead he threw pieces of meat towards him without calling him and after some hesitation, Sid got the ‘light bulb’ moment and recognised his owner. He came to him and he is now home, happy and safe 💙.