Boo, a rescue Greyhound, managed to get out of his house in Levenshulme and ran to Highfield Country Park on the 2 September. He had only been adopted 10 days ago so was new to the home and area.
His owners saw him a few times but he ran away from them (lost dogs usually don’t recognise their owners until they are in a calm state of mind and close enough to scent them).
Boo’s owner contacted us asking for help and advice. We explained that Boo should not be searched for or approached because he would run away and either leave the area or worse. Boo needed to be allowed to settle and calm down then to build his confidence to make his way home which isn’t far from the park.
We printed posters, gave them laminate pouches and lent them laminators so they could start to immediately poster the area. A remote camera was placed outside their front door after he didn’t return home the first night.
After having no sightings on Sunday, yesterday, Monday 4 September, Boo was sighted a few times still in the park. Sadly, by the time the owners got to the sightings, Boo had disappeared. Owners were instructed to go and sit down with high value meat such as chicken and wait until he approached them. After several hours and a lot of patience we advised owners to walk straight back home in the hope that Boo would pick up their scent and follow the scent back home.
Later on in the day, around 4.30pm, not long after owners got home, Boo was seen moving towards home, having left the park. We don’t know what happened but he went past his house and near to the train station. We can only guess that Boo was sent off track by someone trying to catch him which happens a lot.
We advised owners to go to the station and check that he hadn’t got on the train lines and to phone Network Rail to warn them that he may be on the lines. Boo wasn’t seen after that so we hoped that he had gone to ground and that he would make his way home later on in the night when quiet.
This morning, at 02:54, Boo was seen on our camera walking up the drive of the house. He hesitated for a moment then walked into the house. Clever boy! Welcome home Boo 💙.
This shows that yet again, with patience and time, a lost dog, having been allowed to settle and make his own decisions will make the right choice and go home. Boo had only been with his new adopters for 10 days yet he knew where he belongs.