We were contacted to humanely trap a cross Staffordshire Bull terrier who had been straying for a week or so. A van had been seen stopping immediately prior to him appearing on a farm lane.
Sonny has been trapped and is now safe. Not chipped and not castrated (yet). His ears have been cropped (more like hacked off). He is very friendly and lovable but is showing that he might not be house trained (that could just be his reaction to his recent experience and because he isn’t obviously settled yet). He needs a foster/adopter who hasn’t got other animals in the house.
We have found the owner and he has been signed over to us. Sadly the owner became homeless and has been living like this for some time with Sonny. Sonny was stolen from this man so it appears that the van seen were the dog thieves who then dumped him.
Update: Sonny has got a home 😍. Many thanks to Pendle Dogs for your invaluable help ❤️