Kiki, an 18 month old German Shepherd, escaped from her dog sitters on the 13 March in Middleton M24. We were contacted by her owners and gave immediate advice including not to search and to allow her to settle. Remote cameras and a feed station was put in the garden of the dog sitters (Kiki lives too far away for her to be able to get home herself but there was a good chance she would try to get back to the dog sitters).
Kiki was sighted again this morning and then this afternoon, owners received a phone call telling her that Kiki was in their next doors garden. Luckily Kiki’s owners were very near there. The house holder saw her and after seeing the posts knowing not to approach her, she didn’t come out of the house and turned everything off in the house so as not to scare her. As soon as owners got there Kiki allowed them to approach her and she was safe ❤️. A massive well done to this lady who had listened to us and not tried approaching her and a massive well done to her neighbour who phoned owner immediately so they could get there ASAP and secure Kiki ❤️.
This is why we endeavour to help people to understand that lost dogs need a special approach in order to get them safe. They really do need to be left alone so they can first of all settle and so they can keep safe. The most danger lost dogs have are well-meaning people trying to catch them and searching and approaching them. This achieves nothing but pushing the dog further away from the area or pushing them onto roads, motorways or railways. It makes them much more difficult to locate and to safely secure. We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome for Kiki than what happened today. She was allowed to be caught by her owners and kept safe by not being approached by these householders. Welcome home Kiki 💞. Plenty of rest and sleep for you (and your owners who have hardly had any sleep or rest 😴) ❤️.