Bruce, a Saluki, managed to escape from his dog minders on Saturday 5 February 2022 in Wardle, Rochdale. We were contacted and asked to help on Monday 7 February.
He was staying in a particular rural area (besides a visit now and again to Skye) and managed to evade everyone.
We set up remote cameras and feed stations which were topped up every night. Unfortunately, on the Monday, before we got involved, he was seen running very fast down the country road, spooked. We didn’t hear of this until yesterday though. He then didn’t go back to the area where he had been seen often.
He was seen nearby but because of the layout of the fields and brook it was difficult to get a feed station nearer to him. Another one was placed as near as we could get to his latest area on the night before he was thankfully safe.
On the 10 February, we received the best news ever; Bruce had made his way home. Clever boy Bruce . Welcome home beautiful boy and no more adventures please! Bruce has been to the vet and besides a few minor bumps and scrapes he’s okay.