Safely trapped and home 💞
Katie, a nervous labrador and retired gun dog was rehomed on Saturday 14 January. Her new owner took her for a walk in Royton, Oldham OL2, where she was spooked by another dog and pulled her lead from her owners hand. She bolted.
On Monday 16 January I asked her owner to contact me as it was obvious from the comments on the post that she needed to be allowed to settle and be humanely trapped (well meaning people tried to catch her by searching and approaching which is a natural thing for people to do, however the worst thing to do for a lost dog).
Her owner contacted me on Tuesday 17 January and so I went to the farm where she had been seen a few times and set up the humane trap and live cameras. She came to the trap that night and circled it many times. But something startled her and she bolted and didn’t come back.
We got a couple of sightings the following day that showed she was still in the area and the trap was again loaded with fresh appetising food for her. All night long the farm cats kept us awake again, in and out of the trap eating the food, with each movement giving a notification on the phone. Each notification had to be checked in case it was Katie. But there was no sign of her.
On Thursday 19 January, I again restocked the trap with fresh food and lay a scent trail. At 21:41 Katie appeared at the trap on camera. From then on until 23:56 she circled the trap, eating the food trail I’d done leading to the door of the trap but not having the confidence to go in. At 23:56 Katie had had enough (and I had no nails left to bite). She walked through the door and into the trap. I activated it and the door shut. Safe at last ❤️.